Last week I went to the place where they keep the Elephants. I’ve seen an Elephant only once in my life, it was a bull and that was when, let’s say humans got to him. I remember he had two big horns coming out from behind his trunk, I couldn’t tell how big he was because I was at a far distance and when the humans came, he went down and I felt the earth shake a little. He must’ve been really big. But past experience couldn’t prepare me for the sight that was came before me. The Elephants were absolutely humongous, bigger than me by…..I don’t know, they were HUGE! And they had really big horns, some had only one though and some had none at all, like the two calves I saw. It made me more curious and none of that curiosity kills the cat nonsense. I was curious, yes, but I wasn’t as stupid as to intrude into the space of these giants. I’d be crushed! So I did they only thing common sense could allow. I tried to catch their attention. Which did not work out with the female group, they completely ignored me! So I tried with one that was all alone. It was a bull and he looked very very old. He was munching on some grass. It really amazed me, how he grabbed them with his trunk and raised them to his mouth. It was through him that I now know those “ horns” were actually teeth called Tusks! And they are way bigger,heavier, stronger and sharper than mine. But the old bull had only one whole tusk on one side and a jagged broken one on the other. I asked him about it and that’s were his story begins.
“ My name, young one is Matope( just what the humans call him) and I am a very old Elephant as you can see but one with so much knowledge. Elephants never forget, in all my lifetime, I’ve never forgotten any path, waterhole or event that has gone by that I was there to witness. I have witnessed great migrations, seen the worst of nature and the worst of animals and the worst of the creature called man. I was only but a calf when a group of wet soil coloured men ambushed us from the trees, our matriarch reared us back and we created a stampede back the way we came. Every living thing on the ground ran for their lives and most didn’t make it. I remember that we were of huge numbers, the smallest herd consisted of forty members, mine consisted of over a hundred. I remember the chaos, the noise and the barbed wires. I remember many getting caught and struggling to remove themselves, that was the first time in all my young years that I saw blood run. The rest of us saw the trick and ran the other way and we off to safety. The sky turned red as we heard banging sounds, heard the sickening sound of shattering skulls, the menacing sound of bone being brutally cut from where the belonged, so many were lost and we shed tears that day, my herd and i. It was the last time I saw most of my aunts, my cousins, it was the last day I saw my mother and it was the last day we all saw our matriarch. It was the day that our numbers heavily dwindled, it was that day that I knew of man and it wouldn’t be the last.  We all grieved for months, many orphaned calves died as our journey continued, some just didn’t have the will to live on, they had no milk and grieved themselves to death. Others moved on, the day of so much loss permanently etched into our brains. Our herd was barely thirty in number now but we moved on. Seasons passed and we had made many journeys and our herd grew into a fairly sized one, up to eighty in number and I time passed I knew it was almost time for me to leave and go it alone, like my father and his ancestors.  I left with two other cousins, we decided to stick together for a few weeks but then we dissolved. I went my way and they went theirs. I journeyed through savanna and even brushed up a little bit of the jungle. I remember it well, so much green and water and mud. On my expeditions I saw man grow, expanding their territory, killing and capturing anything in their path. I saw both plant eaters and predators like you, N’dinika being captured and forced to bend to the rule of man. I saw them grow trees and grasses and saw them being selfish with it. Setting fire to whatever they did not like or did not need ablaze, while the animals watched. I saw the land change as they kept cutting and burning. Soon the land would dry up and leave nothing alive, so I left that place and moved on. I found love and I left it with the hopes that they would survive. From her I learnt of a new coloured type of man, one that was as pale as the underbelly of a crocodile and as greedy as a warthog.  I came back to the land that I left and smelt water only a few miles away. As I grew closer I saw more trees, succulent and tasty but resting on them were venomous snakes, ones completely green with only their eyes as tell tell signs and the sent of rodent, on the ground I saw thick snakes, ones like Betole and I saw crocodiles, I knew then that the grassland had made way for a river. A big one. I saw Hippopotamus in large numbers spotting on its surface, plants grew here and there and even in the water, nearby I heard a pride of lions resting after a kill, the stench of dead hippo and impala filled the air. The area was thriving. The village man had made was no longer there. Its previous location was smack dab in the middle of the river. It had been wiped out. Lost both to man and time. The river I speak of is one not far from here and one that provides us with water. 
In later years I saw not one single man neither dead or alive and I was content but my happiness could not last that long. Man developed new ways to hunt down animals, their intelligence expanding, their greed and selfishness also. They not only began to hunt from the land but also the air and water. Nothing was safe, not even snakes. They introduced new animals that they allowed to grow and eat, protecting them and looking for blood when one was killed. I rarely saw Elephants anymore, or Zebra, lions, Eagles or Leopards, neither did I see cheetahs, or apes that resided in the jungle. Everything was disappearing and man was the cause of it. Soon parts of the savanna was in imbalance, one side had more plant eaters than those who ate meat, another had too many meat eaters and not enough plant eaters, while others  had nothing. Absolutely nothing.  It was then that man came for me, this time I heard a huge bird and decided to ignore it but it kept coming closer until I realised it was too huge of a bird and started running. I felt pain in my back in several places, it was too much pain. It was crippling. And I went down. I didn’t know what to expect, they came down from what looked like a gigantic hollowed out humming bird.  Man spilled out both mud coloured and pale, i finally got to see that type and it would be the first and  last time, one carrying a stick and the others sharp edged tools. They set to work like evil ants and messily hacked of my tusk. Laughing, and talking in their own tongue. They had plans and those plans would be the end of me. They brought out this thing the called a saw and were hacking off the remnants of my trunk and my body with it. They were going to take off my head and there seemed to be no stopping it and the torture was longer as elephant skin is very thick. I felt something leave me, my eyes cast down to see blood pooling on the ground. It was finally my time and humans were going to bring it. I faded into blackness and waited for the end but when I woke up I was alive and weak. The same mud coloured humans coming close, my instincts kicked in and I wanted to fight, they covered my eyes with some kind of material that looked like the sky, I felt numb and couldn’t move a muscle. I slept once more and woke up here and I have been in this part of the reserve ever since, coming back to this building every single year for thirty years. I am currently a hundred and sixty years old. I have seen great wickedness at the hands of man and yet I have been shown kindness. N’dinika you asked me what I would like to share with the humans, what I’d like to tell them and here it is and I’ll add this, man must hear and man must speak, for little has been done for most in need, tell them that I saw that nature needs to be protected and preserved.”
Matope’s story is one the world really needs to hear and needs to know and I urge you to share this so people can be more aware of the plight of their long forgotten neighbours.
Matope is coming to the end of his days and peacefully too, the staff is always watching him. I’ll inform you when he passes.
Told N’dinika from Matope the Elephant.


So what better to start with than myself. My name is N’dinika and if you read my about post, you’d know I’m a Leopardess and I said I’ll explain how I have a twitter and fanfiction account and I will just in a little bit. I was born in the wild between two countries, one of which is Wakanda( I won’t tell you where I actually come from, just in case you accidentally send out some weird humans checking), the other is your guess. I remember being born with three other siblings, two males and one female. Two brothers and one sister. I remember mother was loving and strict, telling us not to play with human things i.e broken bottles and plastic or try dancing with serpents. She would bring us meat and keep us safe. One day she went out to bring food and didn’t come back for a long time, we were playing to pass the time, putting up mock fights and pouncing and playfully biting each other. Then we heard howling and we stopped playing, our focus on where the howling had come from. Jackals. Without wasting anymore time we got off the ground and went off to hide, trying to stay out of sight in the bushes but that didn’t hinder them, they kept getting closer and closer and there was no place to hide. I don’t know what happened but I saw one of my brothers climb up a tree and the jackals trying to get to him and the rest of us took our cue. I wasn’t fast enough and one jackal swipped his claws and got me from behind and I landed with a thud on the floor, I got up to try the tree again but he was blocking it and the pack was surrounding me. I could hear my siblings calling out to our mother where ever she was but even if she got the message I’d be dead before she would get close enough. So I made a mad dash and the jackals followed, I ran in zig zags but the cornered me towards the edge of the cave we called home, and I did what came into mind. I jumped and caught a branch and clung on. They howled and tried clawing at us, sniffing round the trees, just waiting. It felt like eternity before mother arrived and made quick work of those dogs. We were all happy when they were gone and climbed down to join mother, she sniffed us and licked us, checking if we were OK. She licked the side of my left leg, it hurt badly and for the next few weeks I was limping painfully.

I still have the scar, even now I can’t look at the jackals in here without wanting a little blood. That’s just a part of my story. You’ll find out more about me in later posts.

Goodbye for now



I’m using this blog to tell you humans about the animal kingdom, about their lives and experiences.
P.s I’m in a rescue facility and I’ll start with the animals in here and no I will not say which facility because you humans dissect what you find interesting. They call me N’dinika in here and I’m a Leopardess. You can find me on twitter @Tleopardess and on using the golden Leopardess. I’ll explain later. Bye.

Art by Panthers.arven on Instagram.